How good is Content Creation with Rapid Content Wizard?

The Rapid Content Wizard has been newly introduced in the market and it is billed as the best content creation program to have come out ever. The makers of this application, Sean Donahoe and Alan Brown, have promoted the product as one that allows you to create content very easily and save your time and efforts to a great extent. The Rapid Content Wizard Review makes you aware of the pros and cons of the software and whether or not it can be the right choice for your content requirements.

About Its Performance

Content creation is undoubtedly better with this app, which proves to be efficient with its “Content Fusion” technology that makes it look up and gather related information from Wikipedia, article directories and other sources and create unlimited articles based on the keywords and key phrases that you type in. The performance is really smooth and the user-friendly interface and slider helps you to carry out the execution in a seamless manner. The app comes built with CopyScape features, word processor and two spinners which help you to make the content fresh, original and free of spelling issues.


The app gives you as many fresh articles as you want and at any time that you want. All the content that is produced come with 70-90% uniqueness and the app also allows you to add related images, videos and products from popular websites like Flickr, YouTube and Amazon. The full campaign manager runs quietly in the background and helps you to post content at any time of the day or night. You can immediately check the CopyScape feature to find out whether the articles that are being created are fully plagiarism free. You can preview your content easily and edit these to fine tune with the content requirements that you might have. With slider controls which are completely customizable you can enjoy greater control over your content creation.


Since the time it has been launched, the support feature has not been upgraded well. You can still find problems in getting your queries answered by the support staff. The replies might take days to come and this can be really frustrating from the end of the users. In the event that you have some serious technical issues to be answered right away, you will be inconvenienced by the support team of this content creation app.


A few hitches notwithstanding, this content creation application can be the right choice for you. There are already many people who have good things to say about the software and even if that does not really matter to you, this Rapid Content Wizard Review actually recommends the app to you. With a number of features and functionalities, this app can be a robust solution to your content generation requirements. In the event that you do not have the time or inclination to work on creating content from scratch, you will find this app to be the best solution for your requirements. At $47, it might seem a bit pricy but its features justify its price.